Undying Love (A Jily Fanfiction)

Undying Love (A Jily Fanfiction)

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James Potter and Lily Evans, two of the most talked-about people in Hogwarts. Their relationship was interesting, the cute green-eyed girl calling out insults at the cheeky Gryffindor seeker, the handsome boy always teasing the nerd and asking her out, meeting a defiant refusal every time.

In Lily's eyes, Potter was just another boy who is arrogant, annoying and rude. However, with a startling turn of events, she may find out that James Potter is more than he meets the eye.

James Potter regards himself as just another player. Lily Evans was merely another challenge. That girl frustrated him by being completely oblivious to his charms. How will he be able to win her over?

Is it possible that Lily will be James' saving grace, pull him out into the light? On the other hand, can James break through Lily's mental shields and love her irrevocably, giving her the security and comfort she had never experienced before?

For all we know, love is an interesting thing, changing lives long before we were born. Combined with magic, the lives of Lily Evans and James Potter are about to be changed.


"You kissed me back." He finally broke the silence.

"I did not!"

"You did, I can tell."

"Yeah, thinking about how much experience you've had with kissing girls just warms my heart." Lily folded her arms and looked away, fully aware that she was acting like a stubborn child, and fully intending to ignore that sinking feeling in her stomach.

His hand reached out and tilted her chin so she was looking directly into his hazel eyes.

"Are you jealous?" He looked dumb-founded.

"No." She said, a bit too loudly.


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CelestiaAnnabethSnow CelestiaAnnabethSnow Oct 01, 2017
*sighs* The sassy, handsome every fictional boy that has ever existed in their universes
MariannaDestiny MariannaDestiny Nov 09, 2017
omg i almost spilled the water i was drinking on my computer
The only reason why the death eaters where slytherin was because voldy was slytherin and his "friends" where in slytherin
bluepercabeth_ bluepercabeth_ Dec 31, 2017
Oh. And there’s none in Gryffindor then. Maybe... idk Peter Pettigrew
hufflewhore hufflewhore Aug 30, 2017
Snape snape Severus snape
                              Hermione. Hermione.
                              Ron Ron Ron Weasley 
                              Harry Potter Harry Harry Potter uh
Okay I'm slytherin and I feel attacked rn I mean sure slytherin is known to produce a few death eaters but there are for sure others in other houses too