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The Toy Maker

The Toy Maker

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TwilightDreams By Twilightdreams69 Updated 4 days ago

Being the submissive test subject of a sadistic sex toy maker isn't all its cracked up to be. With each new day comes an exciting twist, and multiple orgasms. 
I squeezed my eyes shut as electricity built in my pulsing core. Sparks shot through my nerves igniting a flame for more. I thrashed my hips against the taunting device resting at my entrance.

The restraints held my back firmly against the mattress and tightened as I moved. My thighs shook from torment I was enduring. The deliberately slow pace of the vibrations made me want to scream out in frustration.
"Keep your eyes open, Tara. You know the rules." The husky voice penetrated my thoughts and willed me to open my eyes. Jason's sultry gaze wandered over my wiggling body as I bit back a whimper. I felt myself dripping onto the silky sheets.

Somehow being watched while I writhed in pleasure managed to turn me on even more. "God," My voice shook and I saw Jason smirk out of the corner of my eye. "Please, turn it up."

"Why should I?" His words held a tone of mockery; He enjoyed watching me squirm.

My chest rose and fell heavily as I tried to bring myself to answer his question. "B-because, I need it."
He cocked his eyebrow and chuckled. "I thought you wanted to take things slow." His fingertip circled my erect nipples, teasing me and making my moan from his slow touch. Another chuckle escaped him and I felt my body quiver with desire.
"Tell me what you want and I'll do it." I exhaled in relief, finally. "On one condition." His words trailed off and my heart beat pounded through my throbbing body.

Jason leaned down to where my head rested against the pillow and let his warm breath wash over my neck. My body ached for his touch, for something to scratch the itch teasing me just below the skin.
"You submit to me and let me do whatever I wish to do with your body. " He whispered into my ear.

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