Solangelo Oneshots

Solangelo Oneshots

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Problematic Side Hoe By sun_angel_ Updated Aug 08

I started this when I was 14 (i think) and the first two thirds are really shitty and triggering and there's loads. of typos i'm so sorry if you cringe.

anyway, this is just a collection of solangelo oneshots I've decided to write since I love reading them. They're mostly angst, but there's some fluff. a lot of them are AUs, too.

There might not be trigger warnings on some of the earlier chapters so please be careful and if you're worried about being triggered, don't read this. it's not worth it.

disclaimer: i don't own these characters. they belong to Rick Riordan, I'm just manipulating them into doing whatever I want.

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

Percy, I think you've been spending too much time in the Aphrodite cabin.
Ah. Percy, you're a genius. You totally did not just define 'spying'.
Me when my oblivious ass friend decide to grow balls and finally date.
apjofan76 apjofan76 Jun 30
And this ladies and gentlemen, is why the team opposing Apollo and hades cabin always looses, they're too busy fangirling
I read that as Capture the Fag and I was like "Noo Nicos getting kidnapped again"
                              Too offensive?
                              Too offensive.
*spills apple juice* OH my gods! Thaaat.... I DIDNT SAW THAT COMING!