Solangelo Oneshots

Solangelo Oneshots

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festive trash By sun_angel_ Updated Oct 30

I started this when I was 14 (i think) and the first two thirds are really shitty and triggering and there's loads of typos . i'm so sorry if you cringe.

anyway, this is just a collection of solangelo oneshots I've decided to write since I love reading them. They're mostly angst, but there's some fluff. a lot of them are AUs, too.

There might not be trigger warnings on some of the earlier chapters so please be careful and if you're worried about being triggered, don't read this. my shitty writing isn't worth it.

disclaimer: i don't own these characters. they belong to Rick Riordan, I'm just manipulating them into doing whatever I want.

Cover by @my_chemical_joshler

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Cough cough APOLLO = WILL
                              When my dog dies, the next dog I get will be named Apollo.
bandlover92 bandlover92 Sep 17
~WARNING!!!! SPOILERS TO                         .           THE DARK ORACLE~
                              But leo and cal are supposed to stay at the waystation
I’m a creep...
                              I’m a weirdooo... 
                              What the HEL am I doing here? 
                              I don’t belong here... 
                              - Radiohead, Creep.
@-asthmatickaspbratic lol XD
                              I literally died while reading that