Spideypool Smutty One-Shots (boyxboy) [requests open]

Spideypool Smutty One-Shots (boyxboy) [requests open]

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VanillaClouds By Vanilla_Clouds_ Updated Mar 29

Some Spideypool One-shots that I find online. Most of the stories won't be mine and will be smut. I'll leave the original writer's username and the website I got it from. 

I don't own most of these stories, the images shown, or the characters used in the stories. 

If you are sensitive to anything involving homosexuality or homosexual sex, I would stay away from this one-shot book.

Tied down, confused, and blindfolded. (Ice cubes and hot wax).
Anncovy Anncovy Jul 10
Hayy could you make a story that Wade is a billionaire and Peter is a highschooler that took part-time at Wade's fav cafe? I added that Wade have a normal body again but still become a Deadpool. Hope you wouldn't mind and consider it. Thank you😄 #justsometrashinmyhead
ssundeeluvr ssundeeluvr Mar 29
Ooooooooo! I got one~ No powers AU where they are both in they're late twenties with a Yoga instructor Peter and Wade as a student taking his yoga class and Wade needs some... Private lessons if you know what I mean ;;;) bottoming Wade is preferred
How about one were Wade and Peter are at the movies in the back and than let your imagination run wild.
Fem! Spideypool with girl!Wade as the bottom (I usually headcanon their girl names as Penny Parker and Wendy Wilson, but you can do whatever you plz). Girl!Wade's hair is dip-dyed red at the tips and Girl!Peter has ultramarine streaks
Maybe a au where there's no super powers so wade never got 'disfigured'. And Wade's in collage and peter is in highschool or Wade's Peter's teacher