Searching for Love

Searching for Love

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Robin G. By Dauphinachancia Completed

This was my life, come to school, get bullied by Finn Gray and his fans.

I had enough, you know, being bullying because of  my weight.

You want to know why? Start at the top of the pyramid, that's Finn, and his posse.
Now, move down to the middle, no that's not me. 
Ok, move all the way down, to the bottom of the pyramid, that's not me either.
Truth is, I didn't fit in...ANYWHERE.

So what do I do when the school's most popular boy decides he wants to humiliate me in front of the crowd on homecoming night?

1.Hate him, that's what I do...
2.Try to avoid him,  though that might be hard to do. 
But Finn never gave me the satisfaction, no. Instead, he made sure, that my high school life was ruined.

I didn't understand why,maybe it was the fact that I was black, or overweight. Or just the fact that I didn't have as much money.

 Truth is, I'll never know, And that's okay.....

After all, there is just two months left before graduation. 

My name is Danielle Farago, and this is my story.

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Buttakupu Buttakupu Oct 28, 2017
Just because your rich doesn't mean your: smart, fabulous, nice, intelligent and ect.😕
Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Aug 27, 2017
Screw me and keep on walking...😭😭my heart is beating a little too fast.
KaraLashun KaraLashun Oct 10, 2017
Couldn’t be me.  I would be in jail for murder if someone tried this bullying shít on me! 👊🏾😡
KaraLashun KaraLashun Oct 10, 2017
Apparently the teachers are useless 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
I read and finished this book yesterday and I'm back here agi
HEHEHEHEHEddie HEHEHEHEHEddie Aug 18, 2017
Is this gonna be like Carrie does Danielle have these psychotic powers