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BTS SLAVE (we all know what kind im talking about)

BTS SLAVE (we all know what kind im talking about)

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bangtanjuice 🍸 By aestheticxxseungkwan Completed

It was a slow work day at your family's jjajangmeon (black bean noodles) resturant so you decide to sit down and watch your favorite kpop groups new mv. (bts: dope) Ya! Moeya, what do you think your doing minah? Get to work! Your mom says. Omaaaaah how do you expect me to work if nobody is even coming to eat anything? This place is completly empty and we only had one customer, he didnt even order anything, he just used our free wifi! Fine but at least wipe down the tables. Your mom said. Crash!! Five ajjashis (middle aged men) smashed the glass entrance door. Oh no its the loan sharks mom!! Oh so you must know why we are here, what smart baby girl you are. The head shark said. Dont call me that! You know what you owe us old lady cough it up, we waited to long for our money! The head shark said. Please just give us another week and i will have the money, promise this time. Your mom said. No no thats what you said a month ago. Ive waited way to long and im getting what is mine so hand me...

satanee satanee Dec 04, 2016
Dude wth wtf can you not use one paragraph u making the readers confuse and Im confused too aish old r u? paragraphs no speach marks...aish...
Bangtanlover01 Bangtanlover01 Mar 27, 2016
Girls older brother: Oppa
                              Girls older sister: unnie
                              Boys older brother: hyung
                              Boyd older sister: Noona
                              It's Noona in this case
Baby-Chim Baby-Chim Sep 17, 2016
Damn its kinda confusing without speech marks... Like idk if they're speaking or if the main character is thinking ://
vhopekook111otaku vhopekook111otaku Jun 28, 2016
So one of the BTS member's father is a loan shark?😑😑😑
RunchRxndx RunchRxndx Sep 19, 2016 one direction LNAO IM GONNA DELETE MYSELF 😭😭😭
lizzylove245 lizzylove245 Jun 25, 2015
might be a good idea to say "I almost forgot that I was their sex slave