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I ran, and I ran, and I ran, trying to get as far away from the mansion as possible. I was too weak to shift, but my determination kept me running. The house disappeared from my line of vision, and I was soon surrounded by greens. I didn't know where I was going, and at this moment, I didn't care. I was officially a fugitive. Angry screams followed by howls echoed through the forest: they noticed my absence. 

I let out an airy laugh. I was a runaway, but I was free.

Finally free.


[Completed + Under Major Editing]

Some comments that I really appreciated:

"please continue. it sounds really interesting!!!" ~GalaxyWolf78

"AHSJSKZUZIDNANSN?? *^^^^^*" ~Sarah-Senpaii


"Love this book" ~DisneyisEternal

"Awwweeeeeeeeeee sooooooooo ccuuuuuttteeeeeee aaannnddd AWESOME!" ~CrownofSpades

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!" ~dustbunny101

"SAVAGE" ~TrustMe_ImFine

"omg no way" ~dimatabbara

"*sighs* " ~lolitscherish

"Lol. Thumbs up 4 randomness. " ~Mocha15Years

"No!! That's not allowed to happen. Radiance and Kevin had bonding time then you were just like, "la di da di da.... Let's just screw with every bodies minds and [spoiler that I censored]. I'm sure they'd have absolutely no problem with that as an ending of the first book..." Wanna know what I think about that?!? I think you are an awesome author who knows how to drive their readers crazy. I have respect for that and hope you start the next book soon please....." ~angelic_illusions

"Omg I need more wat happen I'm crying like crazy right now O MYYYYYY GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD I love this book so much I want more pllllllllzzzzzzzzzx" ~faith133

Me: I'm sorry for killing a few people during the story
GabyDart: "'A few' Means half the cast and the main is almost, if not, mortally wounded."

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Lena_gal11 Lena_gal11 Feb 24
Madness is genius......
                              WATCH OUT BETCH THE NEW EINSTEIN IS HERE!!!!!!
caitlin_margaret caitlin_margaret Jul 23, 2017
Alright you asked for my opinion...Holy shît I'm already beyond hooked and the fact that I already read this in the description but now I'm reading the actual book makes it more appealing. I tip my hat to you, author 💁🏻🎩
4ever4-27 4ever4-27 Nov 22, 2017
I just died of laughing to much bc of this books bio page seriously i couldnt breath these comments are funny and damn do i hope there is a second book. ❤
caitlin_margaret caitlin_margaret Jul 23, 2017
Oh my god this is terrible but I find jokes like that really funny😭😭
Breakingdusttilldawn Breakingdusttilldawn Dec 17, 2016
It can't be "wrong" because everyone has a different belief on the wolves, a different way of doing things. It'll be YOUR way
Winterystorm Winterystorm Feb 15, 2017
Looks gooooood! *jumps up and down, rubbing hands together happily*