My Wolf-man

My Wolf-man

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Cinnamon By CinnamonSnowpineX Updated Jul 28, 2017

Sang McAlister's life has been based around one best friend and her Gramps in a high school where people care more about which jock gained the best abs over summer,  and whether cheerleader uniforms showed enough skin to class them as 'available'.

She of course was uninvolved, but it's all about to change - starting with the school's #1 new it-boy, Aiden. 
     Would he be her anchor or would she be swept up into a crazy world of chaos and mystery in which she had no control? 

    Would she fall victim to terror because of particles that cling to her blood cells,casting a shadow onto her true capabilities, or will she defy her own nature?

There's only one way to find out... and wolf-man has all the answers.

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Pat_1023 Pat_1023 Mar 25, 2016
So tru! I almost sleep in my own seat. Good thing my seat mate woke me up! 😝 also, ur story is one of my type! Luv it! Keep us da gud work
VolleyballGirlie03 VolleyballGirlie03 May 28, 2016
Oh okay I was confused because in America a jumper is like a dress but it has shorts instead, but you mean sweater....