Porcelain |Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Fanfic|

Porcelain |Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Fanfic|

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Ailini By ImaginedOut Updated Feb 22

Natalya Miniati

Formerly Italian, presently Russian and american.

The Vegetarian Vampire, Natalya, was first turned around the same time as Carlisle Cullen, resulting in them becoming close friends. Carlisle and Natalya diverted to different paths in their dead lives after Her close friend had finally settled down with a growing family.

She, on the other hand, went on to continue her Arts as she did as a Human. They always stayed in touch.

She is called back to her dear Friend as he needs to prove his newly born Granddaughter isn't Immortal and deserves life.

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I know this is like really late but I high key hope it's Alec
damovielife damovielife Jan 17
This is a really good book!! But I have one comment, not a hate comment just a notification really, in the time of Shakespeare plays I don't think women acted, I'm pretty sure men played the roles of the women. This doesn't change the book or anything just wanted you to know.
witney45 witney45 Aug 14, 2015
I like either, seth is so cute and innocent they seem to reflex each other whist paul is so serious they would make perfect opposites
witney45 witney45 Aug 13, 2015
thats it im hooked, 5 seconds in and its already showing the begining of a great book.  Ill be waiting for more please continue!!!!