My Rival - Karma x Reader

My Rival - Karma x Reader

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ENTroPy By Hatsuye-Heichou Updated Aug 20, 2016

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Karma Akabane - the only rival you've ever had and ever will have.  Despite both of your brilliant grades, you both end up in Class E, now teammates with the same goal.

Those who share the same experience of a friend's tragic death are destined for the same future.  Now, the real question - will they face that future by themselves, or together?

Slight Gakushuu x Reader

*Follows the anime's plot

                              Me: GO KATNISS GO KATNISS GO KATNISS YOU DA BEST
                              Hoseok: lol no watch pi ttam numul
                              Me: GO HOBIE GO HOBIE GO HOBIE (wtf did this turn into I'll just go now)
                              "Basta! 'Wag mo na'ko pakialaman, okay? Kun'di sasapakin talaga kita!"
pikirsa pikirsa Jul 11
(But maybe I want to study hard with karma in da future 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏)
*hides* No! I'm not like that! I might stop continuing my name from one letter but I never forget to--
But I'll be dead....
                              And so will they.....
                              But logic doesn't matter when we're killing people
I sometimes forgot put my name on quizzes at college because I focus on the quizzes.