My Rival - Karma x Reader

My Rival - Karma x Reader

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EterNally TamPering By Hatsuye-Heichou Updated Aug 20

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Karma Akabane - the only rival you've ever had and ever will have.  Despite both of your brilliant grades, you both end up in Class E, now teammates with the same goal.

Those who share the same experience of a friend's tragic death are destined for the same future.  Now, the real question - will they face that future by themselves, or together?

Slight Gakushuu x Reader

*Follows the anime's plot

XandraMenes XandraMenes Nov 26
I should've grabbed him by the neck... or should've just pointed a gun in his face. Could've worked though
cheline16 cheline16 Nov 20
How dare you...little devil . I'll be glad to help you leave this spoiled world , Kar-ma-kun~
                              What's 1000 minus 7 ?
                              *sadistic side came out*
XandraMenes XandraMenes Nov 26
Of course! I wouldn't be me if I haven't. Besides... YOU STOLE MY POKÈMON!!!!
I would freakin flip the table. (Not rly, I would do something more worse lOl)
_Sigire_ _Sigire_ Nov 08
What's worse me trying to off karma and failing or karma not complaining about me moving around on him
...this is so unique I can't even QAQ
                              Teach me your ways Heichou~