My Rival - Karma x Reader

My Rival - Karma x Reader

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ENTroPy By Hatsuye-Heichou Updated Jan 08

Note: This is also on Quotev under the same name - I own it there too.

Karma Akabane - the only rival you've ever had and ever will have.  Despite both of your brilliant grades, you both end up in Class E, now teammates with the same goal.

Those who share the same experience of a friend's tragic death are destined for the same future.  Now, the real question - will they face that future by themselves, or together?

Slight Gakushuu x Reader

*Follows the anime's plot

  • akabane
  • asano
  • assassination
  • assclass
  • classroom
  • gakushuu
  • insert
  • karma
  • reader
Sure it was books you were reading there... It looks alot like the stuff Itona-Sempi~ reads
LoveDriven_Galaxies LoveDriven_Galaxies Oct 19, 2017
                              "Basta! 'Wag mo na'ko pakialaman, okay? Kun'di sasapakin talaga kita!"
Oh my goody gumdrops you ate glad I can't murder you through my phone screen
TheAppleDoctor TheAppleDoctor Nov 22, 2017
... Karma... as much as I love you... I will f*cking kill you!!!
*nagisa secretly taking pics in the background cuz he is savage*
LoveDriven_Galaxies LoveDriven_Galaxies Oct 19, 2017
Sticky spider webs - The worst kind of torture I could NEVER ask for.
                              Curse spiders! I prefer falling off a cliff with Karma than landing on top of a web!