My Little Secret

My Little Secret

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🥀 By TheRealJhomie Updated Aug 16, 2017

WE aren't trying to be in a relationship. We just mess around. 

Well see, the thing about Jacob is he treats you one way in front of his friends and another way when we're alone. 

When we're alone, he so nice and sweet, he's himself. When he's with his friends, I can't stand him. They diss everyone who walks by. Sometimes, depending on who he's with, I don't even exist. Other times, He's calling me names. The list goes on and on.

Why do we still mess around? You wouldn't understand. You probably already think I'm stupid. You have to understand that when you're attached to someone, it's hard to let go. 
You all are on the outside looking in, so you have no idea what this boy does to me.

Little did I know what this boy could actually do to me..

- Zoey Kingsley

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Princess_perez1 Princess_perez1 Aug 28, 2016
I wonder if he wasn't so handsome if y'all would still "die" for him