Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky

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Iris is an 18 year old hyper, fun, and loving  werewolf who has two mothers, and lives in an LGBT community pack. 

But they have a rival, a homophobic pack that Iris's grandpa used to lead before he died. 

Iris is next in line for Alpha since her mom, Vivian, is. So what happens when she has to attend a meeting with the said homophobic pack with her moms? Will she find her mate?

I can honestly see this being a pop song in twenty years and that scares me
Yeeeeeeesssss! I literally squealed and screamed when I read the description. My sisters are covering their ears right now. 🤣
GafBean69 GafBean69 Apr 20
I wouldve bitch slapped her, running at a homophobe screaming MATE is never a good idea.
fabizmyname fabizmyname Nov 25, 2016
This is seriously amongst the most stupid decisions to make in this situation.
shipstosail24 shipstosail24 Dec 12, 2016
They are a rare and reclusive species who prefer to keep to themselves in there forts of hate or at least thats what ive heard I dont tend to associate myself with them