Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules

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Lara By ShadieTree Updated Aug 21


Trey Carter's path is meant to be straight and narrow. 

His parents spent their whole lives trying to prepare him for a successful life and deviation would not be tolerated. 

Especially not when Trey gets involved with a boy who has a blatant disregard for the law.

melodyssong melodyssong 5 days ago
"Sir do you realise you were speeding?"
                              "Yes officer I do, but I'm kinda in a hurry."
                              "Might I ask why the rush?"
                              "I'm headed to the Toy Box to grab a dildo in order to relieve myself of my pent up sexual frustration."
                              *an hour later they still going at it on the hood of the car
JesseHoe JesseHoe Nov 08
Damn, for that price it better be molded after Jesus's dick itself.
I laughed so hard at this. But that thing was expensive, it's a shame he never used it.
When you tell your friends that you're gonna go home, but you go to a "toy" shop.
That is the most cringeworthy sentence I've ever read. Please no one pick a college for your best friend, if they're your best friend you'll still be friends no matter where you go
TiOichi TiOichi Jul 22, 2015
@ShadieTree I think you missed the part where you add, "Don't steal my work, I'll beat you with a shoe" :^)