His Little Rogue

His Little Rogue

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Sydney Gazaway By Syd-naaa Updated Feb 13, 2016

"I, Alpha of the Dream Taker pack, banish Faye Black daughter of Luna Taffy Black and Alpha Aries Black, from the Dream Taker pack."

Another tear flies down my cheek as I feel the grief take over my being. My father wouldn't do this, he couldn't possibly go through with this. Although my disbelief is contradicted by the words he has said and the canines bearing from his mouth. 

He then sinks the enormous bones into my marking, carelessly letting blood gush down my arm. 

My thoughts cease as do the physical pain I endure. However, the emotional grief I feel becomes unbearable. 

I don't have a father, a mother. I don't have a pack. 


I am a rogue...

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That just took her dreams!!! 😏 get it. Because there the dream taker pack.......….....no? Ok then ☹️
seeker12 seeker12 Nov 23, 2016
Where is her mother in all this? Wouldn't she have something to say? I mean seriously, banishing their own child?
polkadot7557 polkadot7557 Jan 31, 2016
I thought he threw her his shoulder, and imagined her twirling to the ground, I was like dafauq
bellalove321 bellalove321 May 05, 2016
Omg you have this intense father daughter rejection fight thing going on the the next thing is "thanks for reading!" Lol I laughed when I saw that
deregulation43 deregulation43 Jan 25, 2016
?? Who's the next alpha now dumb azz now ur beta son is alpha wow no pride
XxMrsFanficxX XxMrsFanficxX Dec 31, 2015
The hell he would have gotten that close to abusing me he wouldn't be able to make kids either TF!