Iron Beta | Bucky Barnes | Book 1

Iron Beta | Bucky Barnes | Book 1

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Who is Iron Beta? Who is Emily Stark? 

Emily Stark -Iron Beta- is the youngest and last Stark. Her brother is the well known Iron Man, her father is the well known man 'back in the day', Howard Stark. 

When Director Fury gets shot, it's up to Emily and her bestfriend, Captain America to find out what happened. What happens with the Winter Soldier is a part of history along side of Steve Rogers? What happens when Bucky and Emily meet?

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JoshlerDunsephGal JoshlerDunsephGal Apr 18, 2016
Mmmmmm that's what they all say... But really we know exactly who this book is about *cough cough* Bucky Barnes *cough cough* oops sorry did I just blurt out your ✌🏻️crush✌🏻️
wolfpire13 wolfpire13 Sep 29, 2016
Hahahah captain America first avenger line and Steve does say to Tony's father
RohirricShieldmaiden RohirricShieldmaiden Jun 23, 2016
Are 1990 babies seriously 25 already?!   My goodness I feel old (1987)  lol
xXBeBubbyXx xXBeBubbyXx Mar 01, 2017
My Emily? Oh dang 
                              Ya know my name IS Emily irl sooo THOORRRRRRRRRRR~!
tammykay715 tammykay715 Jun 29, 2016
She has a crush on Thor? Aww, that's sweet.  I thought it would be Cap lol.
bubbythegrandma bubbythegrandma Sep 27, 2016
That's what they all say... before they meet *whispers* the one