Geeky Crush *Rewritten Version*

Geeky Crush *Rewritten Version*

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Gleisha Ortega By glazeisaunicorn215 Updated Jul 24, 2016

In that desk with graffiti scribbled all over it sat a guy. No. Not just any guy, I was pretty sure that this guy was freaking made by the gods himself. Like Jesus, why couldn't I have looks like that? I swear, light from the windows beamed at him, and angels sang harmonies in the background. 

I'm completely kidding.

Well, not about the part of him being gorgeous. No, just the over exaggerating part. But I do swear, my teenage hormones were all over the place and for a second, just for a second, I felt myself gawk.

I, Stella Knight, don't gawk at people. Ever.

And I was not about to start. No, this looked like one of those guys, how do you kids now a days call them? 'Fuckboys'? 
He looked like a fuckboy. But doesn't every guy that looked good? Black silky hair, green forest eyes, pale skin, one dimple on his cheek, and a smirk that can save a million lives. Don't get me started on that accent.
Jesus just smacked me in the face, I've been caught dead in one of those cliché romances.

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missOutre missOutre Aug 22
His name better not be Blake . . .
                              Blake doesn't sound like a chill Italian guy with gorgeous looks and green eyes.
Holy crap I feel weird now because I'm eleven and I suddenly need to age four years. WTF
__TrippyAsf__ __TrippyAsf__ Jun 16, 2016
16.. ohhh stop it please I'm not sexy at all...... I'm smexy
An1me_Dork23 An1me_Dork23 Apr 21, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of death note when I read "the little black book"?
sharny_2016 sharny_2016 Sep 09, 2016
I know this is going to be a good book. Love it so far.  Good job
X_KaylaNel_X X_KaylaNel_X Jun 02, 2016
😂😂😂 @an1me_dork23 Nope, I thought of death too! LOL