Harry's  Mate: A Snarry Story

Harry's Mate: A Snarry Story

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Kaylee York By Drarryfangirl28 Updated Jan 30, 2016

Harry turns sixteen and receives his inheritance. He finds out who his mate is and gets scared. 

As the days go by, he grows closer to his mate, but because of Student-Professor laws, they can't do anything.

Then graduation comes, and Harry passes his all of his classes, including Potions. The Student-Professor law is over between him and his mate. What will they do?

I don't own ant of these characters, they belong to J.K Rowling. Thanks for reading

Ddlbemo Ddlbemo Mar 16
Don't use the word "and" so many times in one sentence. Use commas
I like how he knows that harry 's inheritance is tonight but still wants him nearby
zoe-z123 zoe-z123 Mar 05, 2016
"I needed an excuse to get you here tonight." That sounds sketchy. I would be running right now.
rubyrosemc rubyrosemc Feb 10, 2016
"sick tattoo bro what's it mean"
                              "it's my mates name bro"
                              "that's beautiful bro"
                              it's midnight im sorry
emmieelf83 emmieelf83 Jan 22
Okay.... so does the "Inheritance" change your physical appearance? You're skipping over so many details that I feel like should be there. It feels like I'm reading bullet points or the Cliff Notes to a book I've never read.
Prongs211 Prongs211 Jul 20, 2016
Hey at least you dont have that problem eith MOLDY VOLDY i mean he is vile and cruel....but nosy is one thing he is not