The Nurse Ann (Creepypasta Story)

The Nurse Ann (Creepypasta Story)

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Scene 1: Prologue (Narrator speaks)

The fact that manslaughter is a subject that is not lightly taken. As for some it is the most unholy of all things to do to mankind. The disgust of killing one another. But not only killing but the person who committed this who finds it fun and funny. That individual is looked down upon on as a sick, insane, and disgusting... "thing". But what if that sick individual was doing this to find the other murderer. How would one react to a person doing the work of a mad man but doing it for the right cause? In that case it is either justice or just plain stupidity. But it is all coming through in time as it sits waiting to be discovered.

Detective 1:
Well what do we have here?

Detective 2:
It seems we have a victim who what it looks like was "ripped" apart. Their insides are laid out in front. It seems like we have a similar case just like the rest of the murders.

Detective 1:
Hmm... do we have a lead?Witnesses? Samples?

Detective 2:
No, not...

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- - Dec 11, 2017
@Ann-kitkat dear , Nurse Ann doesn't have a knife , she has a chainsaw . The strange person killed Nurse Kayla
-nagi- -nagi- Jun 20, 2016
but is it a fanmade thing?
                              ann's creator said on deviantart that there's no story for her yet
PoisonedBatter PoisonedBatter Dec 20, 2016
Hey, is this the actual story, or did you just make this up yourself? Because the creator (I think) on Deviantart said that there's no story for her yet.
doomessenger4654 doomessenger4654 Jun 27, 2016
i read a rly good crepypasto about this day where there was all this blood once and your story is almost as good. 4/7
jennikifm jennikifm May 28, 2016
I wonder who the killer is.... He might be human or not.... But he is a monster for killing Nurse Ann.... 
                              Could it be one of the CPs we know?
clarie91s clarie91s Jan 02, 2016
There would be no point in reattaching her other than to put her back in one piece for her funeral.  The killer decapitated her in the previous chapter, so she'd be dead already.  Even if that didn't kill her (wow) she would have died from major blood loss from bleeding for a whole night.