Harry Potters twin sister

Harry Potters twin sister

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Reader By joystapleton Updated Jun 12, 2016

Aurora potter Harry Potters twin sister was brought up in the order of the Phoenix as the most powerful witch in the world at only 10 she has seen and experienced things even Harry Potter has and will never experience.

Aurora is brave, loyal , smart and cunning she is one of a kind destined to stop the evils of the Wizarding world   Similar to her brother who is destined to stop Voldemort ,aurora believes She was born for something big more so then Voldemort himself.

Join aurora through her Hogwarts experience with her brother and her future destiny

Never heard anything more accurate about Petunia Ugly Dursley
RandommUnicornn RandommUnicornn Jun 19, 2016
Welp it doesn't take the smartest witch of our age to figure that out
storyaboutHP storyaboutHP Jul 27, 2016
Where U heard this nickname before?
                              Oh yes,in the "Obliviate" fanfictions
Bellatrix779 Bellatrix779 Jul 10, 2016
Petunia missed Lily too!
                              But she does not show it to other people!
Wait, how does Hagrid apparate? He was expelled in third year, they don't learn how to apparate until sixth year
alice_raspberry alice_raspberry Dec 15, 2016
I used a sleeping bag instead and I nearly crashed into a chair