Alpha Daddy & His Princess [Completed]

Alpha Daddy & His Princess [Completed]

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Alpha Daddy and his Princess

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             "Thank you for saving me Ladybug."

              Cara's, a childish inexperienced girl, life will take a turn when her grandmother is killed by Killian. Lucien Black is the one that saves her from Killians evil grasp after finding out she is his mate. Cara wants love and affection. Can Lucien, her daddy, give it to her?                                                                                    
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RedQueenFinatic RedQueenFinatic Sep 04, 2016
just saying, if I come off as rude, I'm probably just trying to be funny
KizoHeart KizoHeart Jun 04, 2016
Being bisexual I really enjoyed that lil GIF u put up there 😏
Alan_Ashby_Is_Bae Alan_Ashby_Is_Bae Jun 29, 2016
She has a headspace of a 4 year old , I have a headspace of a 3 year old
watergirl147 watergirl147 Oct 15, 2016
I am in this kind of relationship and me and my daddy always look for these kinds of books
Gotham_xo Gotham_xo Dec 21, 2016
Me : * calls boyfriend daddy once* . Yeah I'm a little 😂😂😂😂
SmolBeanLace SmolBeanLace Sep 07, 2016
*stares at the gif for 10 minutes* I wish my butt looked like that..