Alpha Daddy & His Princess [Completed]

Alpha Daddy & His Princess [Completed]

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Alpha Daddy and his Princess

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             "Thank you for saving me Ladybug."

              Cara's, a childish inexperienced girl, life will take a turn when her grandmother is killed by Killian. Lucien Black is the one that saves her from Killians evil grasp after finding out she is his mate. Cara wants love and affection. Can Lucien, her daddy, give it to her?                                                                                    
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I think it's admirable that you take the time to actually explain this
I'm starting to think this is the contract that Anastasia had to sign (50 shades of grey)😂😉
MamasGirl-AJ MamasGirl-AJ 5 days ago
When your a little and skip all of it. Sorry author 😁😁
I remember reading this whole thing in The Little Luna (I think that's the title) and here I am reading it again to make sure I don't get confused! 😂😂😂 I'm so weird
If she was toddler I wouldn't have even clicked "add to library" 😂😂😂
I am excited to see how this story goes. You don't see many ddlg stories anywhere