The Unnatural (Owen x reader)

The Unnatural (Owen x reader)

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IM A CRINGE BOX By different_and_nerdy Completed

  This starts off as blue, charlie,delta, echo, and you won't have a name.

15 Years later**

    Yours POV**

   Fear. I darted for a more wooded area in the island. I tried to find my four friends. I was unlike other raptors. I was a mixture of blue and purple lines on my sides and just grey everywhere else.

   I finally lost the men on bikes and found my friends. "Alpha! They are not going to stop until they get you!" One cries. I nod my head and went in the cave. I was always the silent one in the pack. I crouched down in the cave to sleep.

   I woke up to hear the cries of my friends fading away. I get up and run to their sounds then feel a sharp pain in my hide. I turn around and see a man with a gun. I charge towards I'm and claw his arms.

   I then feel more pain in my back then feel dizzy and black out. 

  Few hours later.

   I wake up in a new territory. I try to move but my head is stuck in a metal thing holding my head. I growled and started to move the cage but it won...

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When I read "MY raptors. No way" I thought "With the Friz? NO WAY
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I looked into her eyes, the Windows to her soul, and said