Between Us(Book 1)

Between Us(Book 1)

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Morgan is a singer, a student, and an other worldly woman. She had a good career, an amazing relationship, and anything she would ever need. But Morgan has been very unceremoniously strung along by Harry for the past two years they have been together. She is tired of having to beg her boyfriend to talk to her, or spend time with her; no woman should do that. Right? 
Colin is a great athlete. A fun loving guy with friends, a great family, and all the money he could ever want. Playing football was his life and he was glad to have the opportunity to fulfill his dream but what if he wants more?
Harry is in a great band, he's touring the world, meeting great people, seeing the sights and living life. He's got girls everywhere but he remains faithful to his girlfriend....somewhat. Was it so bad to want something other than romance? Was it possible to love the thrill as well as his girlfriend? He could have fun right?

A whirlwind tale in which everyone's stories intertwine into one, and secrets are exchanged like money; it really is between us.

All of us.

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