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Divergent teen wolves

Divergent teen wolves

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norman2002 By norman2002 Updated Jan 29

Disclaimer: All characters belong to either Veronica Roth or MTV.
  What if Tris had a secret? Tris never had a normal life but she doesn't talk about her past to anyone. Tris is in the foster system but soon is adopted by a family with 2 boys her age. She soon starts to get close to her new brothers and is apart of their gang with her new friends. But what will happen when one certain truth or dare game takes place and things wont look so good for Tris anymore. What will happen when Tris has to make hard choices?  Can Tris keep her history safe or will she wide up telling the truth and regret it all? Please vote, share,and comment I would really like to hear your thoughts.

otp_lova otp_lova Mar 21, 2016
I just finished S1 of teen wolf and I LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT OOOH
- - Jul 09, 2016
holy yess this book is great!! love how she said she was a werewolf!!
zoe167 zoe167 Mar 14, 2016
                              Sorry I love the story so far, I just dont like errors in wonderful storys
anooshipie anooshipie Mar 09, 2016
the ending is just like wow!
                              tris: oh yeah i am a werewolf, no biggie!
                              me: oh werewolf.... SAY WHAT!?
Oh yeah just I'm a werewolf, no biggie! XD so casual lol just throws that little tidbit out there...
taytayleeder taytayleeder Aug 15, 2015
I love how she says oh yeah I'm also a werewolf like it's not a big deal. I WISH I WAS A WEREWOLF ITS A HUGE DEAL!!!