Catch Me If You Can [Student/Teacher]

Catch Me If You Can [Student/Teacher]

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What happens when Rebecca Daniels, a sarcastic, juvenile thief, falls in love with Chase Kingsley, a police officer?

The night Rebecca Daniels is running, yet again, from one of her numerous thefts; she comes face to face with Chase Kingsley. Not only is he drop dead gorgeous, he’s also the arrogant, narcissistic, police officer who was able to catch her, arrest her, and bring her to jail. Never before had Rebecca encountered a guy who was able to affect her that much, and a police officer to make it even worse! Luckily, she’s seen the last of him once she’s released the next morning. Or has she?

When she finds out about a new French teacher coming to school, she’s excited to finally be able to forget about the policeman from last night. That is, until she finds out he’s her new teacher!

tamir200101 tamir200101 3 hours ago
Mmmmkay we'll see about that buddy.  I'll give you a couple more chapters 😂😂
Someone was too busy staring and forgot to read her miranda rights, so no she wont get in she will actually get out.. Of the cuffs!!!
lol, the cop could easily go to jail also for shooting at an unarmed civilian ;P
i came here because someone said that this book's main character was a bitch lolol
lovrgiirl lovrgiirl Apr 01
I don't want to make this about race but if This were a black/brown person, the moment police saw her she would've been killed instantly
Music101011 Music101011 Oct 10, 2016
Oh my God this chapter was amazing! You also did amazing with the details it literally felt like I was right there with Becca through out the whole chapter.