My Broken Mate

My Broken Mate

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Angel By iiDarkHearted Updated Aug 25, 2016

Meet Angel Blue Woods

The girl that always sit in the back row, quiet yet sad. Look into her eyes you see sadness, betrayal, and hurt. No one knows what she's been through. Betrayed by her boyfriend, pack, and her brother. All started when she's 8, that's the year her parents got killed right before her eyes. Her brother blamed it on her. Her Pack blame it on her. All on her.
Bullied? Yeah been there. Abused? Been There Too.
Always Wondering, What Is There To Live For?

That Girl Is Me.

Meet Brendan Michael McDougal

His ocean like eyes, will melt your heart. His blonde hair just makes you want to run through it with your hands.
His family is prefect, in fact his life is prefect but sometimes it's not because he has a couple annoying siblings. But what happens when his pack move to a new territory? When he met the girl of his dreams sitting in the back row, being thrown paper ball at, spilling water on her.

 Yet. She doesn't have a tear on her face.


ihavemagic ihavemagic Dec 24, 2016
Hi I love ur book and I have a book out and it is called the lost shapeshifter if you would please read it
AnnaMonette AnnaMonette Nov 03, 2016
I have brown that sometimes turn black or gold In certain lighting. I would love to have Grey eyes though.
PotaCorn PotaCorn Mar 21, 2016
*falls because of sexiness* when you're legs don't work like they used to before~
                              Because of the that one guy in the photo~
kjohns10 kjohns10 Feb 23, 2016
                              YO SHORTY LET ME GET YOUR NUMBER
                              YOU CAN SLIDE INTO MY DMS I WON'T MIND
- - Jan 13, 2016
I love how you used the cover of fallen cause that is my favorite book of all time
hawklion hawklion Jan 13, 2016
But sometimes during the winter my blue eyes turn to be an almost blackish color