Love, Lies, Secrets and Manipulation (Divergent/Eric OC)

Love, Lies, Secrets and Manipulation (Divergent/Eric OC)

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Jay By J_Antoinette Updated Jul 17, 2017

Natalie Muñoz has been preparing for the day of her choosing ceremony for an entire year. She's beautiful, intelligent, strong-willed, and highly mature and independent for her age. She knows exactly where she belongs-and it isn't at Erudite alongside her father and their faction leader, Jeanine Matthews. 

Natalie's initial plan was to defect from Erudite and join Dauntless; however, the night before her choosing ceremony, Jeanine requests a meeting with her and informs Natalie that she has an important task for her to fulfill over at Dauntless. Jeanine also informs Natalie that they currently have an informant inside Dauntless, and that she will soon figure out who that person is for herself. As if that's not enough on her plate, Natalie already discovered that same day that she has a newfound, life-threatening secret of her own to keep. 

What will happen when she transfers to Dauntless and has to pass the physical, emotional and mental trials of initiation?

And not only that, but what will happen when she catches the attention of a certain mercurial Dauntless leader and she eventually discovers the truth about everything? More importantly, what will happen when that certain leader discovers her truth? 

Will she be able to do what Jeanine wants her to do, or will she end up finding her own purpose there at Dauntless?

All things "Divergent" simply belong to Veronica Roth.

Any pictured photos are not of mine.

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glorymariyoongi93 glorymariyoongi93 Oct 10, 2016
Dauntless is sooo not the safest place for you, didn't you know that they also hunt for divergents??  .....she's got a death wish Lol
simmi_trblnch simmi_trblnch Nov 18, 2016
She's so like me with the part of not actually having much friends and the part of establishing close-bonds with other people. I just can't do that, because I always trusted too easily and always got hurt...
EllianaRay2 EllianaRay2 Nov 15, 2015
Yes. This makes perfect sense. Leave the faction of people who hunt divergents for the faction of people who also hunt divergents. Genius!