Silly Omega

Silly Omega

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Angie is an Omega in the pack. She is so beautiful, funny, sweat, and very helpful in the pack. Angie is the soon to step down Alpha's helper. When Alpha is ready to give his title to his son he makes Angie meet his son Nathan.  She has a huge crush on him but he does not know. I mean who would not he is sexy as hell!

Nathan is the Alpha's boy. He has been gone for years because he had Alpha scouts. When Nathan comes back his dad is ready to step down as Alpha. Nathan meets Angie and likes her a lot.  But gets jealous because she happens to be the most beautiful she wolf in the pack.  So a lot of males love her. They try to pick her up and mark her but she lifts a finger a shakes. He finds out that Angie is the Omega of the pack so he plans to make her his helper.

They also happen to be MATES!! And True Alphas !

Nathan: Big Blue Eyes, Sexy bed hair, tall, muscles, handsome.

Angie: Big Brown Eyes, Hair to thighs, short an average short, weak but not to weak, beautiful.

If bad comments DO NOT READ.

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veronicap_73 veronicap_73 Jul 21, 2016
Weird. Never heard of orange juice being fattening unless it's  not pure.
-ashleyy- -ashleyy- Jun 23, 2016
This offend me .-.
                              My sister also showed me this thing that "Ashley" is the number one hoe name ._.
                              Now I hate me name...
                              Why did my Parents name me "Ashley"
                              *cries In corner*
Infires_Myself Infires_Myself Apr 10, 2016
I like this already! It's different from the ones I had read!
_xItsJustMe_ _xItsJustMe_ Oct 07, 2016
Am I the only one who thought about Melanie Martinez becuz of Angie's last name?
batman_em15 batman_em15 Jun 26, 2015
I remember I think I was six or eight and had a two pack but then I was allowed to eat candy and I LUV CANDY ALOT
MelodyE2 MelodyE2 Jun 25, 2015
OMG.. can't wait for the next update. But she better be careful with Max and his group. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!