Under the Sea ➳ Gajevy (Book 1)

Under the Sea ➳ Gajevy (Book 1)

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Levy's P.O.V

"Hurry, hurry! Get your butts to school!" Lady Aquarius shouted, rushing ten girls out the door. 

"I-I forgot my bag..." I ran back inside to get my red bag. When I came back outside, I noticed that the boat had driven away."I'll just swim to school," I sighed. After a bit of mindless wandering, I came across what humans called a "ship."

"Wow, I've never seen one this close," I admired, eager to explore. I suddenly heard voices, and scrambled to hide behind a rock. Two male sharks appeared: One with long, black hair caught my eye. I ducked behind the rock and blushed. "I can't let them see me," I thought. I hastily swam away when their backs were turned, my heart still racing as I arrived late to school.


"Levy? What happened? Why were you so late?" Lucy interrogated, panic flushing her cheeks. 

"Promise me you won't tell any of the sisters?" I anxiously awaited her response. 

"Alright..." she rolled her eyes. 

"Sister promise?" I raised a brow, and watche...

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- - Jun 21, 2017
- - Jun 21, 2017
Am I the only one how that last line reminds me of the littlw mermaid
Kr8tzy Kr8tzy Nov 04, 2016
When I first read the Pantherfish I thought it said Pufferfish
ShineTails ShineTails Dec 12, 2016
There under the sea
                              Where everything is better when it is wetter
deathnote231 deathnote231 Mar 15, 2016
Dinofreeze Dinofreeze Jan 07, 2017
I'm just here singing "Adam" with my friend Yeoj (its a parody of "Gaston" and is about Adam and his relationship with his kids and mother of his kids.)