Re:prince Otaku's Life In Another World

Re:prince Otaku's Life In Another World

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AzeDefender By AzeDefender Updated Jul 04, 2016

Meet our friend Reki who is a happy-go-lucky type of a man who spends his life doing what he wants and then died satisfied.


It does not end there, a goddess picked his soul and decided to send him to a different world.

What will now happen to our hero?

I do not own this work and only am posting this as a way to promote the true author on royalroadl

IynStein IynStein Jun 27, 2016
i really love this story please update faster :D i cant wait at the how she meets hes fiance :D at the page 22 black dragon
SlavaRossiya SlavaRossiya Jul 17, 2016
Is this guy deadpools descendant he keeps breaking 4th walls
SeptimusAJames SeptimusAJames Dec 13, 2016
To laugh at a situation like this.....I would probably do this to😂😂😅!
What the hell.. First book Im reading in Wattpad this year.... And Im starting to love this already XD
NHearts NHearts Dec 21, 2016
Tunnel? All of u keep talking about this 4th wall all I see is rubble on the floor ...oh the rubble just vanished
SeptimusAJames SeptimusAJames Dec 13, 2016
I can see the cracks formed by him breaking the fourth wall.