Ultimate [ #Wattys2016 ]

Ultimate [ #Wattys2016 ]

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Deena By unknown0016 Updated Aug 11, 2016

My smile falters as the next thought lands in my brain. "Not to sound dismal or anything, but I think you're lucky your parents let you pursue your own dreams." I tell him, truthfully. "These kind of things do not exist in my realm." 

         He snorts at my words, but speaks before I get offended. "Trust me, mine is no different than yours. My whole life has been planned out before I was even brought to life. 

         "Where I'll study, who I'll be friends with, what my career will be, and even who I'll end up spending the rest of my days with." I listen, and get the feeling that if someone decides to write my biography when I'm dead, these exact lines would be the description on the back. 

Money holds power over people. It's addictive, like a drug that always keeps you coming back for more. Once you're under its power, you lose control of your actions, principles, common sense, and mind peace. Your next step is to control people -to keep your money growing. And that's what has been going down in Ambrosia's family for generations on end. 

But she won't have it their way. 

She's a daydreamer, but dreaming is the limit. Straying from the assigned track means consequences. Will she put up a good fight with her parents? Will she give it all up? Or will she come up with a compromise? Meanwhile, will love and friendship be of any use?
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