He's My Prince And I'm His Nerd (boy x boy)

He's My Prince And I'm His Nerd (boy x boy)

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Moose By moose_geek Updated Aug 24, 2015

Wyatt is the biggest nerd at Winter Heights High school. He is at the top of the school and is graduating this year at the age of 16. Although he's smart he is bullied for it by almost everyone in the school and he's worried that if it gets out that he is gay it will get worse. There is only one person who has never bullied Wyatt; his prince, Aiden.

Aiden is the jock of the school he is popular and loved by everyone and he is also gay which everyone is ok with but he doesn't flaunt it. Ever since freshman year Aiden has liked Wyatt but he hasn't told anyone and he thinks Wyatt is straight. At a party at the beginning of senior year Aiden lost a bet. So when Aiden has to confess who he likes at the end of the first football game of the season in front of the whole school. Aiden is sure Wyatt will say no which will crush him and ruin his whole year!

[WARNING]: This book is a boy x boy story, therefore, it has two males together, if you don't like that sort of stuff I suggest you turn around and leave this book on its virtual shelf, if you do like that then please enjoy.

[WARNING]: This book contains mature content, such as, strong language and graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, or drug use. As Wattpad content says, you must be 17+ years old to read this story.

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xXalice_kissXx xXalice_kissXx Oct 08, 2017
Well that's impressive, if he did that I should probable get if fat ass
If you need a group of guys to beat someone up then you pathetic
spanish_for_babygirl spanish_for_babygirl Mar 21, 2017
In my school if ur ten minutes later than the bell ur marked absent 
                              And in my foods and nutritions class if ur late the teacher will stop the whole class and make u waltz with her or get detention 
                              Your choice
RainbowLiquor RainbowLiquor Jun 18, 2017
*sneaks into the jocks houses and slits their throats with a rusty and dull knofe*
spacebuger spacebuger Apr 05
I would never leave online school exist there is no reason to leave
RainbowLiquor RainbowLiquor Jun 18, 2017
Wow, you're so fùcking funny that I forgot to laugh. Well guess what, your friends are a pile of bricks