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Alicia Michaels By Alicia_Michaels Completed

Jennifer Nolan has been unlucky when it comes to love; even more unfortunate when it comes to sex. In fact, the twenty year-old college junior is about to enter her senior year still carrying her v-card. All she wants is to be with that special someone without it resulting in a trip to the emergency room, runaway office supplies, or being scarred for life by someone's weird fetishes. With several botched attempts under her belt, she begins to fear she'll end up a lonely spinster or a crazy cat lady. 

With only 60 days until her 21st birthday, Jennifer is determined to lose her virginity once and for all. Little does she know that her mission will lead her down a path toward love. She never expects that her mission will lead her to a discovery of what true womanhood is, and where true and lasting love begins.

Some people are commenting things like "I wish I would've waited" but it seriously depends if you want to wait or not you don't have to do it early on or later on and don't let anyone tell you what to do it's YOUR choice
I'm always feisty but I try not to be mean, sometimes I get really mean when angered. I don't get angry easily though. I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions in check.
Nikky_Sonico Nikky_Sonico Dec 31, 2016
Aw, I don't think it's a bad thing to still be a V I mean u want to do it at the right time with the right person
1DByTheSea 1DByTheSea Jan 12
I was 17 but wish I would've waited lol here I am at 27 and hope my daughter waits for THE RIGHT ONE 😂
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Jan 26
I'm still young, and I'm going to wait for it. I may be a virgin but, I like it that way. Not everything is about sex, and I agree. There isn't a single thing wrong with it. People may judge me way to quickly because of that, but I have come to accept that fact
megan_kmp megan_kmp Mar 05
Hey, does anyone want to read my book, Butter and Sugar? It would mean a lot to me and you won't be disappointed x