Clique's // A Pastel Punk

Clique's // A Pastel Punk

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*This fanfiction is incomplete and I doubt that i'll ever finish it so have a forever hiatus and finish the story yourselves if you want*

Dan's a pastel, Phil's a punk.
They're complete opposites, but at the same time, the absolute same.

Soulmates or not, their newfound relationship is destroyed by new people, old people, new rules, old rules. 

In this world full of hatred, never ending rules and specific orders personalised for each clique, can Dan and Phil stick together through thick and thin?

Love_Lasercorn Love_Lasercorn Nov 19, 2016
And Jack when I saw you propose to Mark at PAX Prime, there was only one thing I could say. SEPTIPLIER AWAY
teh_father_of_you teh_father_of_you Sep 28, 2016
Jacksepticeye, markiplier, Emma blackberry, Lucas C. (I don't know how to spell his last name so I won't try).
Artemishunter27 Artemishunter27 Nov 30, 2016
How was this reported? They were just expressing them self because they support something that sometimes people don't. It's not offensive to anybody. Ugg why can't people accept people for who THEY are not what someone else wants. BElieve in YOUrself!
Love_Lasercorn Love_Lasercorn Nov 19, 2016
I honestly couldn't imagine Sean doing this. He's to smol ❤️❤️
mersumaaria mersumaaria Jan 08
"Sweet"? Pfshshh. "Innocent"? Pfshshh. Treasured by the right "girl"? Pfshshh
ValTheElectricProxy ValTheElectricProxy Aug 27, 2016
I liked the people at the tattoo parlor, and how Sean's character. I disliked, um... Lol idk I like this book too much now XD