His Dragon King (boyxboy)

His Dragon King (boyxboy)

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Baine is a common vampire. He works at his sires club the Vampires Kiss as a bartender, and does not wish for anything more in life. That all changes when the eyes that have been following him have decided to make an appearance. In the form of a temperamental soon to be dragon king. And if that wasn't bad enough now he has to deal with a whole horde of dragons that won't leave him alone.

Whats next!

This story is rated R and not edited

Second book in the Supernatural Lovers series

Part of a series but can be read as a stand alone

Amatarasu16 Amatarasu16 Sep 06
I've read this like 100 times it's great wow but I think there's a chapter missing you should check that
Ashley2104 Ashley2104 Apr 23
The first thing that popped into my head when I read 'my dragon' was his dick
What's dragon ? If it's not his dick then what?  Dragon as in dragon?  I want to know you know it's hard to imagine while reading if I can't understand 'dragon'
By the power vested in me i now pronounce u (drago)top and (vampi)bottom
                              All those in favour say "I"
I think  that "My dragon " means his inner dragon  (although he is a dragon I'm sure he doesnt look like one all the time ) so I think he means the "dragon" part of his personality .
Has anyone ever read about a black vampire? I wounder what that would be like? A pale black vampire?😂😂