Rejecting a Rejection (Boyxboy)

Rejecting a Rejection (Boyxboy)

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Salena & Grey By twoasians Updated Sep 20


"I, Alex Williams James, rejects you pathetic human, Nepton Quesilas Cross, as a mate," he stated with his cold eyes and an ugly smirk. 

"Well, shitface. I, Nepton Quesilas Cross, rejects your rejection," I stuck my tongue out to the side and grinned childishly, holding my watermelon flavored Popsicle in my fingers. 

One bitch suddenly gasped dramatically. "Can he even do that?"

"Well, yeah. Duh, I just did it," I sarcastically say in a bored tone. "See you later, shitface!"

Nepton, the omega of a useless pack is mates with Alex. After rejecting a rejection, which might also sound terribly confusing because no werewolf in history has ever done it before, but Nepton isn't just a werewolf. 

He is a dangerous beast.

Damn son.. just chapter 2 and im already laughing my ass off. God and im in public
I will sign all my letters like this from now on
                              Love, Chicken.
Omnivore-_- Omnivore-_- Jan 30
Nepton is the sass god. THIS IS HOW YOU HANDLE REJECTION PEOPLE, like a boss ass biitch with the middle finger in the air plotting revenge
Going down stairs for a snack when the family is in town be like😂
im that one weird one in the background yelling "YAAAASSSS BITCH WORK IT"
LeapingSpiritWolf LeapingSpiritWolf Sep 02, 2015
Can you update your story elemental demon please 
                              I love it so much and you guys are awesome @twoawesomegirls