Kids In The Dark (A Naruto Fan-Fiction) (A Kakashi Love Story)

Kids In The Dark (A Naruto Fan-Fiction) (A Kakashi Love Story)

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Meiko Sarutobi is the younger sister of Asuma Sarutobi, and a complete troublemaker. During the day, she is a beautiful, funny, sweet, and all around amazing girl to be around. 

But when night comes, she becomes a reckless teenager with a bad attitude. Her name changes from Meiko to 'Six.' Her and her friends are responsible for a lot of vandalism through out Konoha, a group known as "The Kids in The Dark." 

But as time goes along, Meiko is forced to finally become a ninja, but this shouldn't be that bad, right?


Meiko will face death, pain, and romance with someone that she frankly couldn't stand. Will things ever work itself out? 


sebby666 sebby666 Jun 07
I was listening to sleeping with sirens better off dead whilst reading this...
MINUTES? damn he should be named the slug queen, not tsunade.
Izumo: *thinks* because asuma isn't a ninja so this'll work great
SHE HAS CRIPPLING DEPRESSION (sorry it's not a joke I just can't handle deep ish)
Aww! I love that nickname. My mum would always sing me a lullaby, " You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy! When skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. So please don't take my sunshine away.." Sorry I had to 😁
*Pulls back fist and supercharge-punches a bar of soap into Izumo's mouth* 😖RAWR!