Kids In The Dark (A Kakashi Love Story) (1st Place in NWA Kakashi 2015)

Kids In The Dark (A Kakashi Love Story) (1st Place in NWA Kakashi 2015)

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Olive By tweNtyonEpiLots6 Completed

Meiko Sarutobi is the younger sister of Asuma Sarutobi, and a complete troublemaker. During the day, she is a beautiful, funny, sweet, and all around amazing girl to be around. 

But when night comes, she becomes a reckless teenager with a bad attitude. Her name changes from Meiko to 'Six.' Her and her friends are responsible for a lot of vandalism through out Konoha, a group known as "The Kids in The Dark." 

But as time goes along, Meiko is forced to finally become a ninja, but this shouldn't be that bad, right?


Meiko will face death, pain, and romance with someone that she frankly couldn't stand. Will things ever work itself out? 


  • asuma
  • izumo
  • kakashi
  • kotetsu
  • kurenai
  • naruto
  • narutofanfiction
  • rin
  • romance
KevNoVa KevNoVa Jun 27
Captain America: LANGUAGE YOUNG MAN....or ninja??
                              Me: SHUT UP
Lol this is like me and my friends bro 😂😂😂 and most of us are only 12 😂😂😂
KevNoVa KevNoVa Jun 27
Maybe she's really horny and needs someone to fulfill that horniness........KAKASHI WHERE ARE YOU
I would say being depressed is more like a hopeless feeling. Its not always wanting to kill yourself, sometimes it usually makes the simplest tasks the hardest like getting out of bed or eating.
I haven't even started reading this but if the title is a reference to the All Time Low song I already like it
JaneErhartIsCrazy JaneErhartIsCrazy Dec 13, 2016
Lmfao it takes .0000000000000000001 sec for me to respond to that