Avengers x Reader One-shots~Requests Closed~

Avengers x Reader One-shots~Requests Closed~

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Zoe aka Tandy By The_Apple_Obsesser Updated Nov 27

Just some cool Avengers one shots.

This book of one shots will include:
Steve Rogers 
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Clint Barton
Natasha Romanoff 
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff
And more!

Requests are closed! Enjoy anyways!

Stealing moments
                              Hijacking fandoms
                              The supernatural business
xitlalicsal xitlalicsal Sep 11
DEAN?! AS IN DEAN WINCHESTER?!! sorry but he is with cas so I can't date him.
- - Jun 16
Pierto x Reader, in this Pierto is recruiting a girl his age who has the power to be a ghost. (invisibility, walk through objects.) As he tries to recruit her, he gets to know about her as she keeps rejecting to join the avengers.
                              -please put a dark past for a dramatic ending XD.
I thought it would be cool I'd there was a Avengers x gem reader, that would be so awesome like from Steven Universe
Can u do one where instead of Clint getting controlled by Loki I was my names jenna
If the toaster is on the floor, doesn't that mean that the pop tarts popped out and onto the floor..? That's nasty Thor. You were raised better than that