Avengers x Reader One-shots~Requests Closed~

Avengers x Reader One-shots~Requests Closed~

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Zoe aka Tandy By The_Apple_Obsesser Updated 5 days ago

Just some cool Avengers one shots.

This book of one shots will include:
Steve Rogers 
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Clint Barton
Natasha Romanoff 
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff
And more!

Requests are closed! Enjoy anyways!

I had a seizure after I imagined Steve in a tuxedo. I. Just. Can't.
I read Thor's line, mimicking his accent and voice. Now I'm laughing like a hyena.
- - Jun 16, 2016
Pierto x Reader, in this Pierto is recruiting a girl his age who has the power to be a ghost. (invisibility, walk through objects.) As he tries to recruit her, he gets to know about her as she keeps rejecting to join the avengers.
                              -please put a dark past for a dramatic ending XD.
NO Tony!! bad Tony putting silly ideas in poor Steve's head just for your amusement
I laughed a lil at the comments and I slapped my knee without thinking. O.O
TrunksIsBae43 TrunksIsBae43 Mar 21, 2016
I thought it would be cool I'd there was a Avengers x gem reader, that would be so awesome like from Steven Universe