Avengers x Reader One-shots ~Requests Open~

Avengers x Reader One-shots ~Requests Open~

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Zoe aka Tandy By The_Apple_Obsesser Updated Sep 02, 2017

Just some cool Avengers one shots.

This book of one shots will include:
Steve Rogers 
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Clint Barton
Natasha Romanoff 
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff
And more!

Requests are open! Enjoy!

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AccioHufflepunk AccioHufflepunk Aug 13, 2017
Steve x reader where she is meets pre-serum Steve at Howard Stark's show
Badass_Wizard Badass_Wizard Aug 26, 2017
NO DONT ACCEPT HIS HELP STEVE ITS A TRAP... wait how did he get there? He literally just popped up out of now where 0-0
ivy_ela ivy_ela Aug 13, 2017
                              THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE 
                              LAY YOUR WEARY HEAD TO REST
                              DONT YOU CRY NO MORE
TrunksIsBae43 TrunksIsBae43 Mar 21, 2016
I thought it would be cool I'd there was a Avengers x gem reader, that would be so awesome like from Steven Universe
Hobbitlover20 Hobbitlover20 Jul 11, 2015
Can I has a Steve Rogers imagine where I'm a pro ballroom dancer and I'm teaching him to dance and we end up cuddling lol thanks so much