Loving Mia (Book 1) *Complete*

Loving Mia (Book 1) *Complete*

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LOVING MIA: Completed 
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Mia Belle's life has been a huge pot of disaster. Actually, the word
 'difficult' can't seem to explain her childhood experiences. You'd
 think for a girl with everything all figured out, that she knew what
 next to do. Frankly, she doesn't. 

Now, add a pint of the present. How do you prepare for the news
 of a surprise pregnancy? Besides, she doesn't even remember his
 name; the man she slept with on her 21st birthday. 

Then, add an ounce of her childhood. She was found on the roadside
 in a small town when she was only two weeks old. She grew up in
 an Orphanage, and as far as she knows, she has no family, no friends,
 and most of all- No Love. 

Add a cup of 'sexy billionaire'. Liam Novak however, is not one to
 give up so easily. He's a billionaire playboy and New York's most
 eligible bachelor. And when he finds Mia for the second time, he
 won't have to give her up, or his baby- for that matter. 
Because 'Mommy + Daddy + Baby + Love = Relationship'. 

However, like every romance, there's always a secret and someone
 lurking around to destroy the joy and happiness. And that someone
 won't stop until he gets what he wants; Mia. 

Mia's past catches up to her, and she realizes that there's more to
 her life than what she's been told, and its clear from the man who
 seems to know a lot more than she thought. In this pot of Mia's
 childhood, love, her past, and her future, keep up as you read
 more about her story.

Read to find out more!

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Nori_aa Nori_aa Apr 25, 2017
My birthday is April 15th and it was easter around the day i was born so my parents chose my middle name to be Pascale which means easter in French.
HateHumans35 HateHumans35 Dec 30, 2016
Life is a lemon. Sometimes they squeeze the lemon too hard and make you scream in pain because of the lemon juice.
AishaFinesse AishaFinesse Oct 17, 2016
I feel like instead of saying everything you should say anything. In your lat line
umnooooioooo umnooooioooo Jun 10, 2016
No it's life's a bitch, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. I like this one better