Steven Universe Oneshots

Steven Universe Oneshots

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An Finite Eternity By Cococat811 Completed

Hello and welcome to a book consisting of Steven Universe! The chapters range from headcanons, to short stories, and mostly angst. And ships. 

Have fun reading!

(half of this is angst i lied, lapis is my son, garnet should be ruby x sapphire's ship name byeeeee)
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  Yes, I use comics in this and songs. That is their work, and my work is mine.

Sunsets involve the color pink.
                              *Blue diamond collapses in a pile of depression*
Empoleon500 Empoleon500 Jun 30, 2016
I am a new writer and I have made my first fan fiction and it is called unbreakable. If you like Steven universe then please read!!☺
CaptainZulas CaptainZulas May 18, 2016
Lol for some reason I love YD being a sassy black lady. It's great.
hawianpunch hawianpunch Dec 28, 2016
Guuuuuurl u won't beeeeelive wuuuut disss clod said toooooo meeeee
Miss_Otaku_Princess Miss_Otaku_Princess May 07, 2016
It's sad that I actually imagined her saying this with a ghetto voice