What annoys me on Wattpad

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Ashanti By degrassifan1224 Completed
Just a few things that annoy me on Wattpad.
Whenever I read these and know that my stories don't have any of the stuff that's mentioned, it brings joy into my heart.
I agree apart from the whole cursing one I have read a story about a boy who is brought up abused and in a swearing environment so he's gonna swear its called Love like a delinquent by 3mma Rawrs if u want to read it urs really good!!
I read this and thought, Oh dear, I had probbably better change my books, Some of these are in my books :)
I concur.
                                    Except the advertising thing, which I didn't understand. Song you were listening to and in between...huh?
                                    Anyway, moving on :)
I agree with everything ! & I thought I was the only one who though this :p not only was it true it was quite amusing (: 
                                    Kuttos to you my friend !
This was great! Haha. You're right about everything you listed. :)