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Tory By torytwo Updated Jan 23, 2017

They say it must have been dormant inside us for a few years before it actually showed up. When the symptoms started, nobody knew what it was. It baffled doctors and scientists. After the symptoms started, it took about four months before it took its first life, and there were many more who fell following that. A year after the symptoms started, and eight months after the first death, they finally found a cure for it. The cure was very expensive though, and didn't always work depending on how far along it was inside you.

The world has slowly been infected by a modern day plague. The population, economy, and jobs have been ruined. That's why the American government had an idea. To reopen the high school systems and have all seniors across the country help America to grow back into the world it used to be. There is a lot they needed do to get back to the way they were. This includes many things, but what the government forces these teenagers to do is one of the most important. They must repopulate America. For they are the only help.

Join Presley Ann Rylan in her journey of death, tears, laughter, joy, and forced pregnancy as she gets paired for pregnancy to a man she never thought she would be paired with. The king of the rich boys at her high school, and of course the player of players. Willie Russel.

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Wait but even if she gets the cure, it won’t work on her mother since she’s already on the verge of death, right?
Arabella221004 Arabella221004 Dec 30, 2017
I’m imagine her mum looking like Alice Cooper from Riverdale
But if it doesn’t work on a lot of people and costs money, it isn’t a cure wth? Wow, money comes before humanity smh
That’s messed up. That’s why I want to become a scientists and make FREE or AFFORDABLE cures smh
ThatMeForReal ThatMeForReal Jul 11, 2016
Feel like real life how people try to be normal in a bad time like
-Cobalt- -Cobalt- May 29, 2016
How hasn't Presley contracted the plague from her mother? Are the senior aged kids somehow immune?