Achilles (Wattys2015)

Achilles (Wattys2015)

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Gone. By Writer20161 Completed

Every pack has an Alpha and Luna, all except for the Blackmoore pack. No, they only had a Luna. A strong she-wolf who refuses to let any man in after her own mate cheated on her. She's a dangerous she-wolf to mess with when she's angry. Yet...
She's caring

He's dangerous yet everyone feels protected when he's around. Well, the people in his pack that is. Other packs fear him, other Alphas hide and become cowards. Hiding in the darkness of his shadow whenever he passes. Yet, he doesn't let his power get to his head. He only attacks if he needs to.

It starts out nice, but what happens when these two get into a fight about someone?

MoonTears2 MoonTears2 Jun 17
🎶Very entertainin, but now it's time to go....😈 🔪🎶
MoonTears2 MoonTears2 Jun 17
Preach honey! You don't need no man! (But if you WANT one, make sure a a sexy, loyal one)
valerie_2o valerie_2o Jun 27
👏👏👏👏👏👏*Monica Geller moment* "You go girl."
It takes two to tango, I don't understand why only her got the mark of shame
Oh..*put my guns down* I could tell were gonna be really gods friends