Blue Angel

Blue Angel

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Manisha By CreativeDreams Completed

Draven's future was predicted to have only one end and that is Death. But things turn around when stunningly beautiful Alura enters his life, and Draven finds his life taking different directions. Most of all his decisions seem to be the foundation of it. 

Powerless to handle everything at once, he resolves to take things slowly, step by step, and a secret is revealed which no man should know, pulling him into a string of adventures he certainly didn't anticipate.

 Alura's secret is dangerous and will Draven be able to risk his life for it?

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12Anne16 12Anne16 Nov 25, 2012
It's a tad bit tragic to have a cursed love life...
                              Kidding. ;)
                              LET'S SEE HOW THIS UNFOLDS.
CreativeDreams CreativeDreams Aug 20, 2012
@flowers4fox :D Thanks for reading!! Looking forward to more. I really hope u dun stop reading becoz I hope the story gets better later on!
flowers4fox flowers4fox Aug 20, 2012
Hate to break it to you but generally the consequences of life is uhm. death. Interesting prologue. I personally find the sentences a little on the long side. May want to break them up a bit, otherwise it reads a bit too much like a physics text. Other than that, a promising start.
CreativeDreams CreativeDreams May 31, 2012
@lilly-marie Yes please do. Apart from the grammatical errors if you could tell me what my story is really lacking :)
cherylangela cherylangela May 31, 2012
@CreativeDreams the prolgue if you want I could comment on all your chapter's?