Stealing Kisses From The Good Girl.

Stealing Kisses From The Good Girl.

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"Just one kiss, everyday." 

"Just one?" 

"Just one." 


Sarah Michelle Jones 
Good Girl in every sense of the word, whose interest in life is to get good grades, get her dream job as a cook, and fall in love. Her friend(s) describe her as the little ray of sunshine piercing through the darkness, little did she know, that's exactly what she turned out to be.

Zander Lee Mills 
Good boy at heart who can't help but to be bad, it's in his blood! His expectations when moving to this new town was to start over, get a clean slate and away from his daddy issues. Never did he expect to fall in love, but boy, did he fall quickly. 

When Zander joins Ferris High School, He's immediately attracted to Sarah. So he does the logical thing to do when attracted to a girl, black mail her into a deal she cannot deny and hope for the best! 

In the world of crazy deals, good grades, and two teenagers, anything can happen. 


Completed - 6/27/2017 ❤️✅ 
In the process of editing!

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ILoveDynos ILoveDynos May 10
I have 3 siblings.... It's ok but most of the time I just want quietness to read
TanayaAt TanayaAt 5 days ago
love it ! :)
                              been working on a teen fiction myself. A story where a girl and boy are best friends and nope they don't fall in love. Do check it out! <3
I barely started reading this and its already so relatable.... I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing
My house consists in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. My bedroom is the only one to have a bathrom in it, but my brother insists to go to mine rather than the main one..
a-a-anxiety a-a-anxiety May 06
Lol I dont have to fight for the bathroom, I'm the first one to always get up. Haha losers.
Dhanpayo Dhanpayo 2 days ago
Wait, why do people not have connected bathrooms? It makes no sense. In my country, every bedroom has a connected bathroom.