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Piano Girl (Soul Eater X Reader)

Piano Girl (Soul Eater X Reader)

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awkwardlyweirdpotato By iloveyousketdance Updated Oct 30, 2016

The gang was headed to Lord Death's office but when they entered they heard a piano being played. They soon found out that all this time there was a girl, given by the title of 'Piano Girl', living in a room behind Lord Death's room all along and no one, except the staff and Death himself, knew about it!   
And what happens if the boys start to like the so called 'Piano Girl' ?
Will she like them back?
And what secrets lie ahead?

(💀_💀) ..... These eyes scream innocence? Do you not see the skulls?
Life_is_the_meh Life_is_the_meh Dec 06, 2016
If by innocent you mean will gain your trust then brutality murder you in your sleep then make everyone believe it was suicide. Then yes. I am very innocent.
0wlToast 0wlToast Nov 12, 2016
No human,god, or demon could physically or scientifically be completely symmetrical. So now I'm not the most symmetrical thing you've seen in your entire life.
Zimoku-The-Kid Zimoku-The-Kid Nov 26, 2016
I think u got the wrong girl... My mind is just this➡️(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fangirl2385 Fangirl2385 Dec 20, 2016
                              Nice one,  but I am anything but that, 
                              I am a dirty shipper sinner,  and my cousin has witnessed the fires of hell in my eyes
The_fabouless_potato The_fabouless_potato Dec 08, 2016
But.. I Have split dyed hair.. U know, like Melanie Martinez.. Yeah. That ain't symmetrical.