In Cupid's Head

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Jessica By Yesjessyes Updated 3 years ago
Hey my name is Jessica and basically what I'm doing is I'm going to be asking you guys to PM me problems you may have involving Love, Boys, Friends, Etc. and you will be featured in my chapters and don't worry about identity problems I will change names, places, dates, etc. And don't be afraid.
@ryder_is_my_name Oh okay :)  when you do tell me what you think :)
@ryder_is_my_name Haha I know :) But how do you think I am doing? Any advice? I have the whole story done, but not sure if I should post the whole thing? What do you think? Thanks:)
You give good advice :) It would be totally awesome if you gave me advice on my story :)
Hey I wondering if you change what they say. You know, like changing a bit to make it sound better or something? Your advice is good and I enjoy reading your advice column. :)
Hm...good advice. Some times it's better to be just good friends than being nothing at all.
I think I'm gonna post you some questions real soon. My friends give me terrible advice and I really need unbiased advice.Also I think I'm gonna enjoy reading this because sometimes reading about other people's problem makes it seem like your life is little bit easier :)