Attracted to Your Darkness. Ayato Kirishima x OC. [On HOLD]

Attracted to Your Darkness. Ayato Kirishima x OC. [On HOLD]

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Marielle By mnerie_ Updated Jul 07, 2015

Miyako Akagi. A double agent of both the CCG Ghoul Investigator and part of the Anteiku cafe in Ward 20, where her heart belongs and remains in.  After coming back for a visit from her work, she comes back home to see her friends and a couple of new faces that she has yet to meet. Until one day an accident happened & encounters with the rude, hot-headed and bad mouthed ghoul named Ayato Kirishima. They would seem to 'coincidentally' bump into each other. He gets annoyed yet interested in her. On the other hand, she gets uninterested but later seems to find some similarities between the two. He tries to avoid her, but her scent, voice and sarcastic behavior is intoxicating towards him. He can't seem to let it go and for Miyako as well, she gets interested into his past, but pretends to not be interested. What will happen between the two? Will she be able to soften up his heart and demeanor, to once when he was young? Will she be able to go back to her cheerful self in the past? What about her secret about being a half-ghoul? Read to find out :) 


"Tch. Stay away from me, unless you want me to eat you." he taunted. 

"Stay away from you? We constantly bump into each other." I nonchalantly said before crossing my arms. 

"Then stop following me, you dumb human." 

"Then you stop stalking me, first." 

"I'm a ghoul... and you know what ghouls do." he smirked as he walked towards me. 

"Ohh!~ How scary Mr Big shot!" I taunted to see him twitching an eyebrow. 

"Why you..."

"I know what Ghouls are, you idiot. I'm not stupid." I monotonously said. 

"Then explain."

"A monster."

"Monster...huh?" he smirked, bringing himself closer to me. 

"The scariest monsters, are the ones that lurks within our souls. Right?"

"Are you scared of me?" he chuckled. 

"I'm not scared at all. I am a Monster within as well..." 

"Bull shit." 

"Bite me." I dared. 

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