Return to Neverland

Return to Neverland

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Jenni James By JenniJames Completed

No place like home . . . 

Peter and Wendy go back to Neverland with the intention of returning the Lost Boys to London. In a last-minute decision, they decide to take Wendy's two little brothers, John and Michael, along, hoping they will be able to convince the boys to come back to England and grow up with families. 

But when the small group gets to Neverland, a great eeriness has overtaken the place, and . . . Oops! We would say more, but you must read the book to find out. Join us in chapter two of the three-part Neverland saga, where swash-buckling adventures await and old foes unite for the better good. 

Note: Return to Neverland is part 2 of 3 of the Peter Pan/Neverland stories within the Jenni James Faerie Tale Collection. Part 1 is Peter Pan. Part 3 is Hook.

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moralfantasy moralfantasy Sep 09, 2016
Aw! It's so sweet the way Wendy did not hesitate to think it.
efraimhazel efraimhazel Jan 20
the story is interesting but try to come up with a story bout the princess and the frog:/
cookiecat567 cookiecat567 Jul 16, 2016
Could you pretty please write an installment of Sleeping Beauty? Or Beauty and the Beast? I'd love some more romance classics brought to life!
crazyforchrist crazyforchrist Jul 01, 2015
Before I start reading, may I please beg you NOT to stop in the middle of the story when we are all smitten. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AEVanSell AEVanSell Jun 24, 2015
OHMYGOD I love this! Did he manage to look presentable? I'm so excited I can hardly contain it! Please update soon!
Pennywithaney Pennywithaney Jun 24, 2015
Uh oh. This will not go well. At least Lady Darling did not wish to force Wendy to be with Albert Cranford though. Anyway, I hope you update soon!