Outsider (Levi x Reader) [ON HOLD]

Outsider (Levi x Reader) [ON HOLD]

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Little Jade By jaded_panda Updated Oct 17

Long ago, everyone was as happy as they could get from the world of life and death. With the Titans roaming the land, there wasn't much time to smile. Except for you. You were with the love of your life, Levi Ackerman.
 However, life isn't a fairytale and you found out that Levi was cheating on you. With who? Your best friend Petra Ral. So you left the protection of the walls, to seek out what exactly? You never know. But when one day that same dreadful man came back into your life, how will things turn out?


^*^ W A R N I N G ^*^
•I don't own Attack on Titan
•I don't own you
•Most of the concepts in this story is very impossible in the world of AoT
•A lot of flashbacks
•Irregular update schedule 
•Cuss words

gabite115 gabite115 May 07
this kinda reminds me of after erath when the say thows elnns things won't attck you vise your not scarrd
Wow.... that sucks. Having your love of your life cheat on you with your best friend sucks badly....
Yuii_Cutie Yuii_Cutie Sep 25
She was never my friend to begin with *goes into dramatic anime scene*
EstyBassey EstyBassey May 20
I never liked Petra, not only in the story but like general.. She just seems like such a bitch.. Stupid ginger, go die in a rabbit hole.. 😑
The Titans and I are just gonna be best friends and then their gonna make me their queen and I'll just have them kill all my enemies lol XD