Saved By The Heartless Gang- PhanFic

Saved By The Heartless Gang- PhanFic

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Tazor and Blake By AmazingCat_ Updated Sep 16, 2015

Dan Howell is the leader of a well known and dangerous gang known as Danosaurous. He’s been known to kidnap, rape, torture, and even kill people. Nothing stands in his way. And what are his motives for doing all this? Fun. Pure fun. He finds fun in the pain and agony of other people. He’s ruthless, and he frankly doesn’t care about the safety or health of others. That is, until he meets a certain Phil Lester.

Phil Lester is an orphan. He lives alone with his foster father, who abuses him. His foster father, Jacobby, finds a thrill in abusing Phil. From going to kicking him, punching him, starving him, all the way to raping him. Phil was at his breaking point.

One day, Jacobby grabbed Phil and he threw him to the streets. Phil was used to this, he had thrown him outside for various other times, but it was snowing. He was freezing, and having only a thin sweater on him, Phil accepted his sure to come fate. Phil knew he wasn’t going to make it through the night.  

But, he never thought that he would wake up in a warm bed, tucked in, with a roof over his head. And most surely not with Dan Howell, the leader of a heartless gang right next to him.

TheRavenclawQueen13 TheRavenclawQueen13 Nov 08, 2016
If the most feared gang came up to me and told me that they were called the danosaurs then I think that I would burst out laughing
Phan_5_lyfe Phan_5_lyfe Nov 24, 2016
So you steal candy from babies?!?! 
                              That's evil and wrong and you need to stop this right now
ash-the-emo-god ash-the-emo-god Nov 15, 2016
Dan sounds like my principle no joke he has same d these things to me and my friends
g0ldentrash g0ldentrash Jan 03
Could they not come up with a more threatening name than "the danasaurs"?
KrayzeeKat KrayzeeKat Nov 16, 2016
when i joined the fandom i was actually shocked everyone thought phil topped!
GalaxyHeartThief GalaxyHeartThief 6 days ago
"You name it we do it", huh?
                              Do you cuddle a unicorn stuffie at night?